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Royal Replica Rolex Watches

Manufacturers authorize dealers to set the retail prices of their watches. "Authorized" dealers are required to sell watches within the manufacturers' pricing guidelines. Even if a dealer wanted to lower his prices - even if he could manage to cut his costs - his hands are tied if he's accepted the status of being an "authorized dealer".

We have been selling fine watches exclusively on the Internet since January 1997. We buy from legitimate factories and distributors. Our worldwide contacts enable us to consistently buy at the lowest possible prices. This is why we can offer you such exceptional savings.

  • Buy quality brand name watches
  • Save 25%-60% on suggested manufacturer's prices
  • Feel assured you are getting a great watch with unparalleled service

  • Who We Are Not

    Selling a counterfeit watch as the genuine article is a violation of federal law. All of our watches are genuine and authentic. We do not sell refurbished watches or manufacturer's rejects.

    We buy our watches through established, legitimate distribution channels. We work very hard to buy them at the lowest possible cost. The result: you get genuine merchandise at exceptionally low prices.